Blog 1, day 1

Have a seat won’t you? I have something to say.

Do you ever wonder how we get ourselves into certain situations that alter our lives? A chain of events, caused by our own actions….. I can’t tell you the reasoning to our madness, but I can tell you mine.

The purpose of my writing is to get you to think with your soul. To feel with your heart. To question yourself and to understand your own purpose in this world.  From the moment we are born I believe our destiny is already planted in the stars. Yet, how do we get there?

So, kick off your shoes, take off your bra and get ready.

Dear god, its me. Jenny………

7 thoughts on “Blog 1, day 1

  1. 😍 wow, Jennifer! Always thought you were creative with your words….always used to love your birthday cards and text messages and views on life. I’m definitely excited for this and I’m ready to be one of your biggest fans. Actually I already am!

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  2. Amazing Jenny your truly gifted and have a undeniable beauty inside and out. Climb every mountain and soar beyond your dreams I love you ❤️


  3. My bra is off and I’m ready 😊 I love this and you so much!! Ive never doubted that you have a great purpose Jenny there is so much inside of you to be shared!! Xoxo


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