Its all about feelings.

I know, I know.

I get what your thinking.

How did I become the girl hiding in the bathroom?..

Truth is, I don’t know.

but it was me. and no one knew.

A lot of people told me they felt sad after reading my last post. Which is good, because at least you felt something.

but don’t feel sad, I never felt sad.

I mean, at that age, being completely comfortable with being alone, hanging out with my own self. Knowing that I was different.

Being unaware and unphased by societies categories. How significant is that?

I felt strength and a sense of empowerment by my own understanding and reasoning for it.

It opened my eyes to see what people feel, even when they give you no sign of what keeps them up at night.

I can feel it.

Everyone uses the phrase “you never know what other people are going through” . Its used all the time and I’m sure people keep that in the back of their minds but, when was the last time you actually put yourself in someones shoes and tried to feel what they were going through?

don’t imagine, feel.

How can we be so judgmental of each other and criticize the way we live, talk ,look and act.

I mean, life is so mundane and insane, don’t we need each other to get through?

Today, or whenever. When you hang out with your friends, husband, wife or kids. I want you to pick up on something, it could be nothing, it could be anything. Sadness, joy, nervousness. Contentment.

Try and notice something you didn’t before and feel it.

I understand that just because this is the way I think, doesn’t mean that you do to.

And thats ok because, you are you and I am me.

Dear god, its me. Jenny



4 thoughts on “Its all about feelings.

  1. Hey! Saw your comment in the community pool!

    Welcome to wordpress! Your blog looks great already! You should be sure to check out the “First Friday” for new bloggers on Friday, if you haven’t already.

    Hope you come check us out as well


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  2. We all have a different path to travel and a different story to tell… you’re a brave and beautiful soul for sharing yours! 💝


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